Removal of the bladder is really a last resort for someone who has IC.
Several years back an operation called "supratrigonal cystectomy" was popularized.
This procedure entailed removing almost the entire bladder, leaving the base intact; then, replacing the body of the bladder with a large piece of intestine. This surgical procedure had the advantage of making the bladder much bigger. Unfortunately, patients who had a large amount of pain from their IC usually kept their pain, likely because of the retained bladder base. The other problem with the procedure is that about 30% of patients couldnt empty their bladders effectively and therefore needed to be placed on intermittent self-catheterization (this technique requires the patients to catheterize themselves 4-5 times per day). This is a pretty standard technique used to treat people who cant empty their bladder well but could be a catastrophe to a patient who has associated urethral pain. So, if you dont have much pain with IC and you have a very tiny bladder, this might be an operation to consider. However, if you have pain associated with IC, this is probably not the operation for you. If all medical therapies have failed, then total cystectomy (removing the entire bladder) is a better option. It is rare that a patient with IC would need to opt for any of these surgical procedures.